This is one of the most important routes of the Cordillera Blanca and its destination very famous.

The route:

Day 1 Chinancocha and Orconcocha Lakes – Vaquería – Paria Valley . We pass the lakes and the Portachuelo Pass (4676m) in our transport to arrive at the town of Vaquería where we begin the trek. We walk through the valley, enjoying views of Yanapacha and Pirámide, and camp at 3,800m.

Day 2 Paria Valley – Taullipampa . We make the ascent to Punta Union Pass , at 4,750, with views of Taulliraju and Pucajirca mountains.

Day 3 Taullipampa – Llama Corral . We see Alpamayo, perhaps the most beautiful mountain in the world, and also Jatuncocha and Ichicocha Lakes .

Day 4 Llama Corral – Cashapampa . We descend all the way down through the Santa Cruz Valley from where we can see the city of Caraz and Pumapampa, finally arriving at Cashapampa.

Distance : 44 kms

Difficult : moderate

Altitude : 2.850m to 4.750m

Llanganuco / Santa Cruz (4 days)
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