We are a travel agency with ten years of experience offering the very best of Peru, its landscapes, culture and traditions. We provide a professional service with our different experts in adventure activities. Our success is based on ensuring client satisfaction and on the commitment of our personnel to complying with the norms and regulations of the tourist industry. In brief, we are dedicated to making sure you enjoy your Peruvian adventure.

Alpamayo is a mountain in the Cordillera the Andes. It is one of the peaks the most eye-catching of the White Cordillera, with its altitude of 5947m. It has also been declared, in the ‘Alpinismus’ Magazine (in May 1966), as «The most beautiful mountain of the world».

Huascaran Mount, also situated in the White Cordillera, is with its 6768m the highest mountain of Peru, and the second one of South America.

The Huayhuash Cordillera is a Cordillera in the Andes, in Peru. Huayhuash is recorded as the second best trek in the world after the Himalaya. The mount Yerupajá (6617 m), the Peru second highest mountain, and (6344 m) reached fame with the book of the mountaineer Joe Simpson, «Touching the void».

Our personal politics as an agency is to harbor mutual support in the local communities, promoting the creation of employment, and to respect and protect the natural environment. Our food is healthy and delicious and our cuisine sensitive to environmental issues.

We use only the best quality equipment, which we test and maintain regularly for optimum performance, in order to provide our clients with everything necessary for their expeditions.

We provide the following activities:

* Trekking
* Mountain Biking
* Canyoning
* Rafting
* Mountaineering (including ice and rock climbing)
* Horse riding
* Paragliding
* Cultural and responsible Tourism
*And lot more adventure tour. (the one you could imagine)

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